Online marketing strategy in Korea (NAVER SEO and more)

If you’re looking into developing a market in South Korea, your choice for online platform should be NAVER base. Since most of you are familiar with Google as opposed to NAVER, this might a quite foreign concept to you. But in any case if you decide to pursue this route, I’d like to advise you following things.

“Long term organic growth” in combination with “a short term online advertisement campaign” Regardless of a company size, it’s difficult to invest in one sector for over 10 months or so without any results especially in foreign soil. This is more so when you can’t be certain of the results in the first place. That’s why you need to mix your efforts for long term and short term at the same time.


"NAVER" is the only platform that works in Korean market.
“NAVER” is the only platform that works in Korean market.


In case of long term organic growth, SEO(Search engine optimization) serves a great purpose for growing your online presence over long period of time. However, this only wouldn’t be enough to drive traffic  unless your business is involved in very popular keywords. In order to drive more relevant traffic to your online base, you need to be active in online community of your interest.  This is basically same in Korean market. NAVER is a good place for various online communities. In NAVER, it’s called Cafe.

  • NAVER Blog – search engine optimize (SEO)
  • NAVER Post – more in depth information
  • Brunch – Kakao Talk platform
  • Various NAVER online cafe




Should you be familiar with Google SEO, it’s best to run Google based blog (or web site) at the same time as long as you could maintain content in Korean language. While NAVER platform is dominant, occasionally people search on Google in mobile platform as Android phone typically use Google Chrome as the base search engine.




When it comes to content, Korean readers tend to enjoy a post more when there are abundant visual content as opposed to text. So using photos and videos in the text will definitely facilitate readability. Note that NAVER SEO is a bit different from Google SEO. If you can, it’s best to find a marketing company who can both offer SEO and content development.

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