NAVER SEO ultimate guidelines for the Korean market

“Why do I need to do SEO on NAVER while I already have the Google optimized web site?”

This is the question I often get for the first meeting. Once I explain to my client the necessity of doing NAVER SEO work in Korea, this is the second question I get.

“What are the differences between Google SEO vs NAVER SEO?”

There were no exceptions! I understand why my clients asked me the above two questions as soon as I bring up the need for NAVER SEO. Now let’s jump in “NAVER SEO ultimate guidelines”.

NAVER SEO ultimate guidelines
Get ready for NAVER SEO? Let’s start coding!

[Necessity of using NAVER platform]

If you want to generate organic leads from the internet space, you must focus on the NAVER platform. Why? We Koreans simply don’t search on Google. Yes, we don’t use Google for daily search purposes. By now you must be quite surprised. There are some places where YouTube and Google are not welcome such as China. But in our case, it’s not because our government is banning or anything like that but people simply don’t use Google for daily searches.

[Differences between Google SEO vs NAVER SEO]

They look a lot like each other at first glance but when you look closely they are quite different. First off, with NAVER you can’t optimize a web site. You must open a NAVER blog, and optimization happens only within a NAVER blog platform. Or a NAVER Cafe, or NAVER POST.  In other words, NAVER won’t provide you with tools to optimize other than NAVER stuff. 

So you must understand how NAVER blog works before you even begin to optimize anything.

Secondly, your Google optimized blogs or web sites won’t be found via NAVER search. Even if you make them available via NAVER webmaster tools, it can be found only at Web Search results which have the lowest visibility at NAVER space. 

NAVER pushes Blog and other NAVER based articles as the highest priority, then following other stuff such as web search results.

One more major difference:

“What about Link Building strategy?”

In the world of Google SEO, link building is the key strategy. However, with NAVER SEO, link building doesn’t mean much. It helps but it’s almost not meaningful.

NAVER SEO search results
“The Life” shows up on top for NAVER SEO search result on NAVER. Click this image to visit the post in the photo.

[Lots and Lots of Rumors]

Since NAVER won’t reveal any techniques concerning search engine optimization, there are lots of rumors among Naver bloggers. As a matter of fact, NAVER officially denies NAVER SEO techniques. They say if you try hard and if your content is good enough. It will show on the first page. (????) Nonsense. So it’s no surprise that there are even a lot of marketing agencies who follow these rumors. As an example, they say new blog can’t be optimized. Therefore, people try to purchase old blogs. However, the NAVER blog account is like a bank account. You need to tie your personal information(including payment info) with your NAVER account. You can’t officially trade your blog with others. It’s simply not for sales. 

This fact didn’t stop people who’d like to achieve NAVER SEO. So people trade NAVER blog accounts in a black market. 

For a foreign company, it’s easy to fall for these rumors. But these are not true. “The Life” offers a NAVER SEO training as well as in-depth NAVER SEO guidelines. With this service you will be given 4 months’ weekly action plans. Anyone can achieve the basic level of NAVER SEO with “The Life” guidelines. And from this point and forward, depending on the level of popularity of keywords, you could either succeed in showing up on the first page from 6 to 10 months tops. 

I wish I could write all the secrets of NAVER SEO ultimate guidelines in this post but the information is payment service at the moment. However, I’d like to emphasize a few things.

  • NAVER SEO is quite possible unlike rumors.
  • You don’t need to purchase old NAVER blog to achieve these goals.
  • It takes typically four months or so to reach the basic SEO level.
  • You can achieve NAVER SEO via “ONLY NAVER Blog platform”. There is no other way!
  • If you’re looking for a marketing agency to help you with this, you must ask them if they can train you(or your team). In other words, if you can’t get a training on this, the chances are they use tricks to reach NAVER SEO. NAVER changes their search engine algorithms once a year (or so) So you use hire someone who uses tricks, you might end up blocking your site for good.
Unlike Google, there is no official guidelines for SEO on NAVER.

[Conclusion : Action Plans?]

If you’re familiar with Google SEO, you would probably understand the importance of showing up on the first page as search results. Your visibility will generate new leads. Period. Without this, you must spend substantial advertisement budget as long as you play in the Korean market or any market.

Does NAVER SEO guarantee you the success of lead generation in the Korean market? Of course not. If you did, you just covered the basics. The next important thing is to think about types of content you create on your NAVER blog. If you make your content attractive enough, it will turn readers into customers. “The Life” will not only offer you the ultimate NAVER SEO guidelines but also assist content planning and creating including photos that can be used for storytelling. 

Here are some examples.

NAVER SEO examples – 1

If you search “캠핑카 매연” (Exhaust pollution from a camping car), my client (BA SOLUTIONS) shows on top on NAVER.

NAVER SEO examples – 1

If you search on “착한리퍼” (kind refurbished) , my client who sells used iPhones shows on top of the result on NAVER.

From one person to 200 employee sized companies, law firms, B2B businesses or B2C businesses, they found “The Life” for NAVER SEO. All of them achieved what they desired after four to 10 months depending on the popularity of the target keywords.

Should you need more info and have any questions, please feel free to reach me at

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