Leica Q completes Leica M experience

Leica Q taken by Fuji X-Pro2

When I fell in love with Leica M10 (Leica M), I never thought I would need Leica Q at all because I own Fuji X-Pro2 as well. If I need to a close-up shot, I could always use X-Pro2.

LeicaQ, LeicaM
Leica Q complete Leica M experience.

Well, it happened so fast. I justified that I simply needed a wide angle 28mm, a lens comes with a digital body with an AF feature.

After a few months since I started using Leica Q, it’s more than just a wide angle lens.

Leica Q with a macro option enabled

I wouldn’t talk about details about technical details. But a macro option in the Leica Q is amazing in many ways. You could get very good close-up image. Also AF is very fast even in a macro mode.

This kind of image, you wound’t be able to have with Leica M because the minimum focus range is 70 cm. Even if you crop an image, it wouldn’t feel like the image in the above.

sharp, LeicaQ
High contrast, sharp Leica feel

Don’t forget that Leica Q comes with Summilux 1.7 lens. With wide open aperture, it produces very sharp image just like any Leica lens. Thanks to this, it makes a great black and white image.

Sunset – Leica Q

Considering its weight(much lighter than Leica M body), Leica Q is very convenient to carry while it could capture an awesome moment any time of the day. Even with high ISO, it produces good image (even with noise, it looks fantastic.)

If you already own Leica M, Leica Q will complete your Leica M experience. When I shoot for my business customers, I always carry two bodies in case one fails. Since I trust Leica Q will produce as good images as Leica M, I can shoot anywhere with confidence with two bodies.

Leica Q
Leica Q taken by Fuji X-Pro2

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