Marketing through storytelling with NAVER SEO in mind

Often times, I find that foreign companies struggled to find a good business partner in Korea. That’s because they use Google to search for anything. But unfortunately, this doesn’t work in Korea.

NAVER screen

NAVER is the dominant search engine in Korea. If you need to find anything, you should search it on NAVER. In other words, if your company (whether you are in Korea or in your own country) needs to be visible in the Korean market, you need to do NAVER SEO(search engine optimization) 

The difficulty is that unlike Google, NAVER doesn’t publish how to optimize your site in NAVER friendly way.


People find me through the NAVER search. But they don’t know what I do at first. However, my blog makes them very curious about me. I strongly believe this is because of the photo essays I’ve posted frequently. People read stories and enjoy beautiful photos, then finally they get curious about me because I keep showing up in NAVER whenever they search on the keywords about what they need.

If you need to find someone in Korea for your businesses, I can assure you that you found it.

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