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Lead generation 


Lead generation this is the probably most often used words for sales people. If you’re in North America you must be familiar with lead generation but in Korea this has been foreign concept until now.  Years ago, if you wanted to have a meeting with Mr. Prospect, you must be introduced properly. In other words, you must be aquatinted with someone in the group that you wish to have a meeting with. Therefore, no one ever thought you could generate your own lead via online unless you spend substantial advertisement budget.


Lead generation via NAVER SEO
Lead generation via NAVER SEO

Organic lead generation? When I started offering NAVER SEO services to Korean companies (mostly small businesses) years ago, people often wondered how it works as if SEO was a magic. But now everyone knows what SEO means and it became a key marketing activity to small businesses.


In the past, when you were introduced, often times people met you out of courtesy as opposed to necessity. But if your prospects find you via search engine, they’re willing to meet with you out of necessity. Since business people in Korea realized this, SEO became very popular.


Main business district in Seoul. NAVER SEO is the key to open door for you.
Main business district in Seoul. NAVER SEO is the key to open door for you.


You might be wondering why I refer SEO as NAVER SEO. Why not with Google SEO, or DAUM SEO. The answer is very simple. NAVER search engine platform is dominant, so none of the others can give you online visibility in Korean market.


Now since you know that you must do NAVER SEO work for Korean market, you might start looking for marketing companies who could do NAVER SEO for you. I don’t recommend you to have someone else do this work for you. First off, this task is the key to grow you business locally, secondly, you can’t rely on someone(outside of your organization) forever. So I advise you to get a good training and have the trainer review your articles(postings) for over some period of time. Therefore you could master the skill for good.

Get a good “NAVER SEO” training as opposed to have someone do it for you.


There are a lot of components involved with NAVER SEO, but one thing you should consider is to use high quality image. This is not only important for search engine optimization standpoint but also your audiences in Korea won’t read your message at all unless they see interesting images.


This is why I offer storytelling through photos as a tool to running a blog.  (If you want to know more about this, please read this link.)


Don’t know where to start? Give me a shout at allan.kims@me.com

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