NAVER Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Online Marketing for Korea

I’ve written several posts about the importance on NAVER as online platform for Korean market. So maybe I don’t have to go through this again.

If you’re not familiar with this topic, please refer to my other posts such as “how to generate leads in Korean market”

NAVER SEO is the only way in Korea for your SEM.
NAVER SEO is the only way in Korea for your SEM!


Provided that you figure out a way to do the search engine optimization skill on NAVER, next step which might be more important for online marketing standpoint is that what to post. In other words, what content should I produce is more important question.

Evidently, if your target audiences are for Koreans, you need someone to write posts in Korean. Secondly, the more you talk about your products and services, you will become like millions of others in the eyes of readers.


How to stand out?


The quick answer is you need high quality visual content. Unfortunately Korean readers are not interested in reading texts first. (This may be true for Americans to some extent.) If they see interesting images or videos, they start read caption below it, if they are still interested, they start reading texts.


Returning online visitors?


Through NAVER SEO tasks, you can attract unlimited one time visitors. But your goal should be turning them into returning visitors. Eventually, they should subscribe your blog or video channels.


Visual content matters the most!


Over the years, I found a solution to this. First off, you need a good story. I already advised you not to talk about your products and services. Then you might wonder how you could introduce your products and services availability! It’s pretty simple. You can talk about lifestyle of your target audiences(customers) including your products and services. In this way, technically you don’t explicitly promote yours but people know that it’s available.


Secondly, I use both digital and analog film photographs to tell stories. High quality images are somewhat easy to produce, all you need is a good photographer with a right gear. But it’s not easy to find photographers who provide analog film services lately. On top of this, it’s almost impossible to find a photographer who could write good stories that can go along with images he or she will produce.

See film photography at this post. “Leica M7 vs Leica M10: Film vs Digital”


Film photography became strong advantage when storytelling.
Film photography became strong advantage when storytelling.


Combination of three components.

  • NAVER SEO skill
  • Good storytelling
  • Both digital and analog film based images and video content


If you can access to all these three components, you will become invincible in Korean market. What are you afraid of? Give this a try? If you aren’t sure about where to start, you know where to find me!

Check out my NAVER blog at this link.


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