NAVER SEO – What is related keyword strategy?

NAVER SEO technique or a trick?
NAVER SEO technique or a trick?

Recently I was asked if I could assist registering related keywords on NAVER. When significant amount of users search on the keyword A, then search keyword B at the same time, A and B keywords are related in terms of NAVER search engine. So when you search keyword A, then NAVER suggests that you might want to search keyword B.

NAVER SEO technique - related keyword ?
NAVER SEO technique – related keyword ?

Related keywords coding is possible or not?

The short answer is “No” but long answer is “yes. It’s no because NAVER search algorithm detects user search patterns and make a decision whether a certain keywords are related or not. But there is always a work-around. So long answer is “yes”. I’ve done this multiple times.

But I realized that this is wasting of time. Not only it takes a lot of time but also there is a way better method than related keyword suggestion to attract your target audiences.

NAVER SEO technique or a trick?
NAVER SEO technique or a trick?

Let’s assume you sell an accessory product to an iPhone. If you were to do registering related keywords, whenever users search on iPhone, your product keyword will be suggested by NAVER.

But what if you could optimize your keyword with the word “iPhone”. In this case, you don’t need keyword suggestion by NAVER in the first place. In other words, your web or blog posts will appear on top of search results if you did NAVER SEO with the word ‘iPhone’.



There are a number of NAVER SEO strategies. But more importantly, you need to define what to achieve by NAVER SEO. What is your online marketing goal?


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