Rumors about NAVER SEO (Optimization)

Unlike Google, NAVER doesn’t provide any(literally) guideline as to how you can optimize your site(or blog) for NAVER search engine in other words NAVER SEO. Therefore, people made a lot of rumors.

I’d like to go over few rumors for those of you who are interested in starting a blog on NAVER space.

One has to post everyday at the beginning stage.

This is not true at all. However, unlike Google SEO, activities matter. You have to write your post regular basis. Otherwise, it takes a lot of time to achieve NAVER SEO. But you don’t need to write a post everyday.

A number of followers

More followers mean higher ranking in search results.

NAVER calls followers as neighbors. Some people say the more followers you have, the higher ranking you can achieve in terms of NAVER SEO ratings. NAVER doesn’t put any importance on followers. However due to this strange belief, many people ask strangers to become followers. They promise to follow others if others follow first.

Even though my blog is very popular I try not to connect with others(neighbors). If I do, I can’t be sure if some interests in particular posting is because of search results or from neighbors(subscribers).

NAVER “POST” service is different from a blog platform.

There are other methods that you can facilitate NAVER SEO. One way is to start a “POST” service by NAVER. POST service is a different platform but you can tie this with your blog. Blog can be very casual but with POST, you can cover heavy topics such as industrial information, or detailed knowledge about a technology and the like.

If you plan to reach Korean audiences, you must start a blog on NAVER. But when you do, do not fall for all sorts of strange rumors. You will end up wasting your time for about three months if you ever fall for it.

If you are curious about NAVER SEO, please copy this Korean text “검색어 최적화” and paste it in NAVER search field. Hit enter and see how comes on top. (and look for “Site” section as well)

You’re welcome to send me an email for any questions.

Contact information :

한국분이라면 네이버 검색어 최적화에 관한 방법에 관한 다음 링크의 글을 참조해 주세요.



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