Lead generation and turn it into a solid opportunity in Korean market.

Leica M10, Summilux-M 1:1.4/50 asph
Leica M10, Summilux-M 1:1.4/50 asph

The biggest conerns in marketing domain would be obvisouly how to create new leads and how to turn them into solid opportunities. There is no definitive answers but I could suggest one very effective way to make this happen from my own experience. I’d like to point out that this is also proven with multiple companies over the years under my company The Life.

Before getting into this, there was a time in Korea where you have to know a lot of business people and connections to create new opportunties. In other words your personal business network is lead and by socializing with existing connections, you have to turn them into the opportunities.

Personal connections via face to face meetings
Personal connections via face to face meetings

Years ago, closed networking became huge barrier to foreign companies to establish a business in Korean market. Especially if you’re in B2B type businesses, this was a critical barrier.

Lucky for you, this isn’t true anymore. Now even with old businesses in Korea, personal connections don’t mean much. One has to create leads from open market regardless of business types. Now online marketing became the key to generate new leads even in domestic market in Korea! 

I am sure that readers now have an idea of where this story goes.Yes, you can create new leads in Korea via online marketing. So let’s start by doing SEO (search engine optimization) on NAVER if you want to land a business in Korea. 


SEO became the key to grow your business in Korea just like the rest of the world.
SEO became the key to grow your business in Korea just like the rest of the world.

Next step is to find out how to turn leads into solid opportunties. 

Provided that you were able to achieve SEO goal on NAVER search engine. What then? Your goal should be making visitors stay in your blog as long as possible and make them return. By doing this, you will increase chances of visitors making a purcahse decision or calling you(or visitnig your shop.) 

In this phase, most important part is to figure out how to grab readers attention within seconds. A short tip is to use interesting photos in your story. A little longer tip is to use mixtutre of photos and a video clip in your story.  

Creating a short video clip about your products and services will help.

Korean people, online readers tend to judge the quality of your blog or web content by the photos at a first glance. If they aren’t interesting, chances of visitors reading your content will be close to zero unless your content is as close to a national security level secrets! 

So lead generation, and turning leads into opportunties. Yes, you can compete with local Korean companies in online space without having to visiting Korea. However, when it comes to content, it matters more than anything.  

Anyone can do online advertisement within budget allowance but generic growth?

Anyone can do online advertisement as long as they have the budget, but what about generic growth with quality content? This may not be something you can pull off unless you understand what people want in local places.

If you’re looking into this, and if you decid to get some help, now you know where to find someone who could make interesting content for you! 


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