Is Leica CL really little Leica M?

I really like my Leica M10. It takes great photos. Leica M10 doesn’t have fancy features like other modern digital cameras. But lack of special features force me to focus on the basics which is taking a photo of the object in perfect moments. Of course with other digital cameras I could focus on the basics, but strange enough knowing that you are given many choices(special features), you tend to use it whenever possible.


Leica M10 Silver with a silver 35mm lux lens


You could do anything with Leica M10 but one thing you can’t do is close-up shots. Due to the nature of Leica M RF system, the minimum length is 70 cm. So I decided to add Leica Q as a companion of Leica M10. What a perfect combination. When I needed a close-up shot, I used Leica Q. When I also needed 28mm wide view, I also used Leica Q. Recently I started adding video into my service area, so Leica Q serves as video tool as well.


Leica CL and Leica Q
Leica CL and Leica Q


Now the question comes down to this. Like the rumor goes, is Leica CL really little M? 

There is a long answer and a short answer for this. The short one is “Yes”. The long one is “Not really but it feels like Leica CL makes the similar result as the Leica M10 as long as you use Leica M mount lens.” Don’t get me wrong, I am sure it will make a great photo with TL lens but with M lens, it’s far better than that. 


Leica CL, Summilux-M 1:1.4/35 asph fle
Leica CL, Summilux-M 1:1.4/35 asph fle


Also from Leica M10, a video recording feature is missing (While previous one M240 had a video recording feature), so you could take a video with Leica CL through Leica M lenses. Now I believe I am ready to justify my purchase decision. It’s worth my investment as long as I use it for video and photos with M lenses!




What would you do if you had Leica M as well as Leica Q? Would you add Leica CL?

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