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NAVER SEO training

“블로그 최적화” which means “Blog optimization” is the term that we often use in Korea in the world of SEO/SEM domain. In order to optimize search keywords for NAVER in other words, NAVER SEO, you should learn quite different techniques than you know from Google SEO.

NAVER SEO training class in a Sejoeng University in Korea

NAVER provides a general guideline as to what is the best way to make your posting appear on top of search results. But they don’t provide details. Therefore, there are lots of rumors in the market about NAVER SEO.

Depending on your search target keyword competitiveness, it takes from 3 months to 5,6 months to reach your goal, so if you reply on the bad rumors, you will end up wasting a few months worth of your time at least!

NAVER SEO for bloggers

The above screen is the search result on “블로그 최적화” (Blog optimization). My posting in NAVER appear in high ranking place. Therefore, people find me through NAVER search. I appear on top on “NAVER SEO” , “SEO”, “Search Engine Optimization”, “Quality blog” and the like in Korean keywords, so one should search on various keywords to make a decision whether a service provider has the right qualifications or not.

Note that I appear on top of most relevant keywords, but my NAVER blog doesn’t appear on top on Google search results. In other words, they are not compatible. Even if your site is optimized for Google search, you should create a new blog for Korea market on NAVER space.

Check out my NAVER blog at this link.

NAVER SEO training

When it comes to NAVER blog SEO work, it is critical that you as a business owner need to understand the logic behind it. Otherwise, you can’t adapt to its changes in the future. (Note that NAVER C-Rank algorithm changes over time.)

NAVER SEO training topic posting can be found through “NAVER Search Keyword Optimization” search on NAVER

I’d like to recommend you to get a good training as opposed to have someone do the work for you.  Like I said in the above, NAVER algorithm evolves. Also there are quite a few marketing agencies who trick the system, so NAVER changes algorithm on purpose to prevent this cheating activities from happening. If you don’t understand it personally, you can’t adapt to it.

Once you find a way to master SEO for NAVER, more important part is how to convey your value to your target audience. Maybe this would be more important part than achieving SEO for NAVER. You might get some insights about it from this article here.

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