NAVER SEO – One and only way for online marketing in Korea

If you need to promote your product or service in Korean market, NAVER is the one and only platform you need to be on. If your company web site is already Google optimized, you might think it’s ready. But web site doesn’t mean much anymore in Korea, instead you need to run your company’s official blog. On top of this, no one really searches on Google in Korean market.

The Life customers for NAVER SEO

The Life assisted a lot of customers to achieve NAVER search engine optimized (NAVER SEO) blog over the years. Unfortunately most of them replied on rumors before my company and already wasted substantial amount of time. Since NAVER doesn’t provide an official guideline for NAVER SEO, people created a number of rumors such as

  • You need to write a post one per day for three months
  • You can’t revise (modify) your posting once you publish it
  • You need to have a lot of blog followers

You might think this is very silly. But if you encounter enough people saying the same thing to achieve NAVER SEO over and over again, you can’t be sure of it anymore.


More importantly, content matters. You or your staff doesn’t have to be a great writer, but at least you need to write about something people can understand and get curious about your company. If you can’t make target audiences curious about you, chances are they wouldn’t contact you.

R0031027Unlike Google Analytics, NAVER doesn’t provide detail information for you. So you need to be smart on how to evaluate your activities.

NAVER SEO work takes around three months (up to six months) depending on the your target keywords competitiveness. Any trials you make, it means you will end up wasting at least three months time period.

If you don’t know where to start, you’re welcome to contact me.

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