Photography culture with Leica M10

I’d like to take beautiful scenes and subjects but I am more interested in the subject or scene with stories behind it. Usually when you see a new culture, you can take interesting shots with stories related with culture. Mini Cooper is not just a car. It is a new culture.

Mini Cooper “Show me your trunk event”

Mini Korea hosts an event once a year, usually around halloween. It’s a flee market where Mini owners can sell whatever they wish to sell in their Mini trunk. I love this event because it’s a new culture through “Mini” as a medium.


As I like to take interesting shots in the street with Leica M10, this event is a perfect opportunity for me to catch an interesting moment. Traditionally we did not celebrate Halloween at all, but from a few years ago, among young generation, Halloween became a new fashion. At least on this day, young people can show off their fashion items aggressively.R0031062

It is also interesting to see how people accessorize Mini with various items. I love this giant playmobil on Mini’s roof.



It’s my fourth year to visit this event. I love Mini the more because through Mini people created a new culture.

With Leica M10, I don’t have to adjust my focus rather I could set the focus range in certain distance, then just point and shoot interesting moments. This is the real benefit of rangefinder camera.

I will look forward to seeing year 2018’s Mini event.

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