What’s your favorite travel lens? 35mm Photography

What’s your favorite travel lens?

I used to take at least two lenses. One with prime lens, and the other with wide lens such as 28mm. But at some point, I began to think that I am not actually enjoying traveling. Instead, I see everything through a viewfinder. So I’ve decided that I should take just one lens, so I don’t have to change lens but enjoy more about just being there.

35mm is my perfect companion for this purpose. 50mm might be too narrow while 28mm is too wide if I wanted to focus on a specific subject. With 35mm, if I get close to my subject, I get 50mm feeling from a photo. If I need to capture wider scene, take a few steps back, then with 35mm, I get 28mm feeling.

In my recent trip to Tokyo, I took only 35mm lens with one digital body(Leica M10, and one film body(Leica M7). During a daylight I used Leica M7 while at night Leica M10 did its job.

With this setting, I was able to enjoy more about traveling as opposed to taking photos by changing various lenses.

Check out below link for more photos. Sit tight and enjoy photos of Tokyo!