Accessorize Leica M7 film camera with a new skin.

If you use camera daily basis, one day you might find your camera skin is wearing out. I like it because it reminds me of memories I took with cameras but there is a way to change the camera skin!

I was looking for a leather case for my Leica M7 because leather skin is falling apart, then I came across JNK leather skin service through a local Leica Store.

Leica M7 in black color
Leica M7 in black color

When you look from a distance, it’s hard to spot. But when you get close to Leica M7, you could see it’s falling apart from the edges. In order to change the skin, you have to select a color. There are various leather skins. Some with patterns while others with no patterns. I picked the one with patterns in blue color. It takes about three weeks or so for the leather delivery to a Leica Store.

Leica M7 in new blue leather skin


It takes about 3 hours to replace skin but it’s definitely worth waiting for. I love my new Leica M7. It feels like a new camera now!

Normally when people accessorize a camera, they think of a case. But I would rather go for changing a new leather skin.

It’s time to accessorize your Leica!

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