Leica and Blythe doll

What a strange title! Have you heard of Blythe doll? About a few months ago, I came across a blog where there were photos of stylish dolls with various clothes. It turns out the doll I saw from the blog was very popular. It has a rather big head with a slim body. People who enjoy Blythe doll also produce custom tailored clothes for the doll. For some reason, it felt like the doll resembles the Leica M system. You get obsessed with an object and take pleasure in accessorizing it.

Anyway, I felt a strong urge to take some photos of the doll from the blog I visited. So, I took courage to ask the blog owner to loan two dolls to me for a week. Yeah! The owner kindly shipped two dolls to me.

Leica and Blythe doll
Blythe doll sitting on my classic (lego) Mini Cooper. (taken by Leica CL)

Make it sit on top of my classic Mini Cooper was challenging. The head was quite heavy, so it fell easily.

Leica and Blythe doll
Leica MP/ Kodak Ektar 100 film
Blythe doll with Hasselblad
Taken by Hasselblad 503CW, Kodak Portra 400 film
Leica M Kodak Tri-x
Taken by Leica MP, Kodak Tri-x 400 black and white film
Taken by Leica CL, 60mm TL Macro lens
Taken by Leica M typ246 Monochrom

For a week, I had really interesting experience with two dolls. I began to develop a sort of attachment. One day, I took one doll with me for a photo shoot. Then I placed the doll in the shot gun seat. Naturally I started talking to “HER”. I didn’t think too much but now come to think of it again, it’s really strange. Talking to a doll as if you talked to an imaginary friend when you were really young.

After a week, I had to say goodbye to them (literally).

If you want to practice portrait photos, maybe Blythe doll might be an interesting subject.

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