Cheer up Itaewon street! – Leica M10 Night shots

Itaewon has been my favorite street in South Korea since my adult life. For your information Itaewon is where foreign people gather around for hanging out or living in South Korea. It used to be very dangerous part of Seoul. But about 15 years ago, it became most hip and popular place in Seoul among young people. Naturally, there are lots of good restaurants, bars and clubs.

cheer up Itaewon Leica M10 night shots
Even cafes in Itaewon serve not only coffee but also various beers.
Most cafes in Itaewon open at 10 pm or so.

When at night, you would see more people. You can easily see people with unique fashion. So, it’s an awesome place for a street photographer. However, this has been changed due to COVID-19. Bars and clubs had to shut down due to government orders. Even when they were open, people didn’t come. High rent fee, no people, it’s easy to figure out this place is going down.

Since Feb 2020, a lot of businesses went under and now Itaewon street looks like this.

Itaewon Leica M10
Oct, 2020 at Itaewon shot on Leica M10

Halloween is coming soon. Every year, Itaewon becomes wild place at Halloween night.

Itaewon halloween night leica m10
Shot on Leica M10

Shot on Leica M10 Itaewon night shot
Shot on Leica M10 with an external flash

Halloween in 2019 Itaewon
Shot on Leica M10 / at Itaewon Halloween in 2019

Itaewon Street, halloween in 2019
Shot on Leica M10 / at Itaewon Halloween in 2019

Last year, I spent three hours taking strangers with various halloween costume. Typically, it’s challenging to ask for a portrait shoot in Seoul, but not this day. Who wouldn’t show off with stylish costume? I don’t think this will happen this year but I still shoot often at night in Itaewon street.

Namsan place from Itaewon street

Namsan area near Itaewon has lots of old houses where other places in Seoul has only skyscraper apartment buildings. I love to shoot this area because of its old look with warm lights.

Itaewon namsan tower shot on leica m10

On top of this, Namsan tower (which is located is in the center of Seoul) is always a perfect subject. With Leica M10, I enjoy shooting at night. Set my ISO at 3200 or 6400 depending on the light level. Then with wide open aperture like F/1.4, I can take anything.

I rarely see people in Itaewon street,. But I am sure it will all come back as soon as COVID-19 is over. I just don’t know when it will be. I plan to shoot portraits again next week.

You could find more photos of halloween costume party at Itaewon. Click the link below.

More Leica M10 night shots example at this link.

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