Photography with my Leica M

Silver Leica M

I don’t consider myself as a photographer. But I do get paid by taking photos of my clients. Someone said if your major revenue is not from a photography, regardless of your quality, you can’t say you are a photographer which I agree.

I started taking photos seriously when my son was born years ago. Then one day I realized that every photos I took had a story. Whenever I see them, I could travel right back to the moment through time. So I started telling stories with photos.

Silver Leica M by Leica Q

There are lots of good digital cameras in the market, but I like this one the best. Not because of its design but because I get inspired every time I take photos with Leica M. It’s pricy but it’s not convenient tool. But it makes a photographer focus on the moment “now”.

Not many photographers in Korea use Leica M as their main camera if they get paid to take photos mainly because they are afraid to fail to capture a good moment without AF(Auto Focus). I don’t care. I might miss some moment, but I am usually rewarded by getting more decisive moments.

Beauty of Korea by Leica M10, Summicron-M 1:2/35 asph
Palace in Korea by Leica M10, Summicron-M 1:2/35 asph

Marketing, storytelling, and photos are the things I’d like to do, and I am good at it.

Please sit back and enjoy stories I am going to tell through photos!

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