Documentary photography

I like photography books. Not because I want to capture the moment with similar fashions but because photos from other photographers definitely inspire me in many ways.

I am not a big fan of documentary photography as often times, topics of documentary photography are sad.




I like photography books by Linda McCartney as she typically took phots of daily life of her husband and his friends. Even though they were really famous, she didn’t capture special moments. That’s why I like it.

Contrary to Linda McCartney, Darcy Padilla’s photos are very sad. However, I like her photos. Somehow she took most disturbing moments of someone’s family who suffer from poverty, aids, and various social issues.

Even though, photos are very disturbing, I could feel warmth in my heart. I also like her black and white photos.

I really like to purchase her book (Family Love) but it’s not available in my country.(S.Korea) Maybe I could order it from Amazon via international shipping.

Check this video out. Sit back and get ready to have some tears.


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