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검색제외란, 네이버에서 검색했을때 특정 콘텐츠가 검색결과에서 완전히 제외되는 것이다.
검색제외란, 네이버에서 검색했을때 특정 콘텐츠가 검색결과에서 완전히 제외되는 것이다.

If you’ve followed my blog, you would understand the need for search engine optimization for NAVER portal for Korean market even if you already have Google SEO blog of your own.

Unfortunately, there is no official guideline from NAVER about how to optimize search keyword on NAVER. Also note that the logic for Google won’t work for NAVER. So you as foreign companies naturally look for SEO specialist or local marketing agency who would do this task for you.

However, before you choose your local partner, it’s important to review track records focusing on content.

This is true for Google SEO. If you were able to optimize your site(blog), if you don’t have good content, you will end up disappointing your potential customers. This is more bad because you will be shown as a top search result thanks to SEO work therefore, this is indeed increasing your chance of discouraging your potential customers faster.


Good content is the key to win readers attention.


Normally SEO specialist, and content director(creative director) wouldn’t be a same person. So if you look for SEO services, you might have to find creative director separately and have them work together as you can’t be in Korea all the time to begin with.(Assuming that your target market is Korea.)

This doesn’t sound bad but it is bad. Normally marketing agency company and SEO specialist in Korea don’t want to work with a third-party.




Also language might be a barrier. You will want to create content in Korean but you need to communicate with a creative director in English. If a creative director can’t speak good English, it’s obviously that you can’t create good content or content that you desire in a proper way.

So if you pursue NAVER SEO for Korean market, you need to consider these items.

  • English communication skill
  • NAVER SEO specialist
  • a creative director in the same organization
  • a good photographer for creating visual content (visual content is the key for Korean audience, text only or image from stock image won’t appeal.)


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