Do you have a story to tell? the Art of Leica M storytelling

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether you are running your own business, employee or just a personal, you do have a story. The tricky part is people are having hard time in what story to tell. It’s even harder to write a story through various online media. That’s why Instagram got so popular where you don’t really have to tell a story.


what kind of story do you see with antiques?
What kind of story do you see with antiques? (Leica M10, 35 Summilux)


Often times, it gets easier to tell a story with photos(as well as video). When you have a visual assistance, it’s easy to deliver a story than just with words. But the key is you must have relevant photos. If you are or were a marketing person, have you spent substantial time in looking for free photos for your own story and ended up purchasing images from image stock sites?


Leica M, Military Edition


Leica M in the photo is for military use. When I saw it,I pictured a moment where a photographer was running through battle field with bullets flying everywhere. Leica M camera in the photo is full manual mode camera where you have to manually focus objects, and manually set proper exposure. Can you imagine your doing it in the battle field?

This is what happens when you stimulate one’s imagination. However with one condition. You must use right images for your story.


A walk in Portland downtown (Leica M7, Kodak Portra 400 film)


Sometimes, you can simulate one’s imagination more with film photography. Somehow analog look and feel of photos make the scene more unique as opposed to crystal clear digital image.

Also sometimes, you might catch more inspirational moments with Leica M which is more manual focus camera than a full automatic digital camera. This happened to me as well. When I used AF(auto focus) camera, I took more photos but something was always missing. But with Leica M I took less photos but I got more interesting photos than before.

I will talk about why Leica M inspired me more than AF camera in a separate posting but it’s not just me. A lot of Leica M uses say the same thing.


Apple store in Portland downtown (Leica M7, Kodak Portra 400 film)


If you’re interested in storytelling, whether it’s for businesses or personal, you might need to consider taking photos (or have someone take photos for you) for the story. Sometimes, you might be able to find proper images from the stock sites, but often times, no one can’t prepare photos for your stories. It’s you who own the story therefore, it should be you who need to take the photos for it.

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