Online marketing for 외국회사 (feat NAVER seo, visibility)

ABC, LLC out of Georgia, USA decided to expand its business toward Korean market. They had a marketing staff who is quite familiar with Google SEO. So the first step like any other American companies they did is to open up a corporate web site in Korean language. Then have it Google search engine optimized. A few weeks past, there was no leads generated from the efforts.

This was quite annoying. But they didn’t know what to do. After giving some thoughts(and via local research), they found that NAVER platform is dominant in Korean market as opposed to Google search engine. This was a bit setback. But what the heck! (excuse my language, I want to portray this client’s situation as real as possible.) How complicated it will be, NAVER should be similar to Google platform in terms of SEO techniques.

This time, a few months went by without any lead! At this point, they decided to find a local NAVER SEO expert who is both skillful and able to communicate in English. A few weeks went by without any fruits. You get the idea.

online marketing NAVER SEO

NAVER platform is the one and only way to make your online marketing successful.

If you’re trying to land a business in Korean market, your marketing experience would be quite different from what you’ve learned in the U.S. market. First off, NAVER is a tricky platform. You can’t optimize your web site for NAVER instead, you need to create a blog and have it NAVER SEO optimized.

Even after it’s optimized, there is an issue. You need to keep the basic activities to maintain your visibility.

Once you figure out this piece, it’s just a beginning. Now you need to come up with convincing blog content. More importantly, pictures and storytelling based content are the key to make a difference.

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