Influencer marketing vs local NAVER blog marketing

As an online marketing company (especially specialized in the NAVER blog marketing) I’ve noticed that a lot of foreign companies do influencer marketing as the primary tool. Of course, no one can deny that influencer marketing will get you the best results in terms of visibility and brand/product/service awareness in the short term. However, if you rely on the influencer marketing only, you can’t move forward to the next phase.

Influencer marketing vs naver blog marketing

Let me illustrate one company as an example (my client example, revised story).

<Customer viewpoint Influencer vs local NAVER blog>

I noticed that recently a lot of Korean tourists visit our location. Since I don’t know much about the country let alone its people in general, I decided I will hire a local marketing agency. My main goal is to let Korean people know us. In other words, 1) awareness 2) visibility. Those two are my main goal.

After the first meeting with the local marketing agency over the Zoom online meeting, I couldn’t agree with more on their proposal. We need to target local travel influencers. If they talk about us or even better if they visit us and tell their stories, their followers in Korea will notice us.

Influencer marketing costs us a lot of money(honestly more than our expected budget) but it paid off. (at least I thought it paid off at the time.) People from Korea indeed talk about us on Instagram and other online spaces. However, once influencer told their audience about us, Korean visitors don’t visit our headquarters website much. I assume it’s because of the language barrier, so we supported Korean language on our website. However, it didn’t help much.

We also noticed that in Korea, people use something other than Google as the primary search engine. Instead, they use NAVER portal as the primary search platform. I typed in our service name and place name, but no results.

At this point, I realized that we spent so much time and budget on influencers but it only got us an introduction nothing more. The rest should happen with the NAVER place.

influencer vs naver blog for Korean market

<Tell stories through photos, then your audience will start reading the text if the photos are interesting enough.>

THE Life contact information: / Allan Kim / Zoom online meeting is available upon reservation.

Now you get a general idea.

If you are in a travel/culture-type service area, NAVER blog should be the key platform to your growth. Even if you do influencer marketing, if people search on your target keywords, they need to find your official NAVER blog or content.

If you heavily rely on influencer marketing method, maybe consider having your own NAVER blog. Tell your stories to Korean audience directly and have it NAVER search engine optimized so, your target audience can find you.

We (THE LIFE) can assist you to have a successful landing NAVER blog page. After all, if you already found us via NAVER search, it’s proven in a way, right?

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