Looking for a foreigner Leica M user living in South Korea

If you’re living in Korea who enjoys photography with a Leica (or more specifically Leica M) whether professional or hobby, you are needed. I am not sure if you ever find me via my NAVER blog(English speakers typically might use Google over NAVER.) But in case you reach me, please give me a shout-out.

My name is Allan. As you might notice, my blog’s primary content is (over 80%) Leica and life stories. I also do commercial photography. But I happen to enjoy photography as my primary hobby as well. In my line of work, my clients are mostly businesses. They need me for online marketing content purposes. But personally, I prefer documentary or street photography.

Recently via my YouTube channel, I started meeting Leica M users and tell their stories. But it occurs to me that it would be nice if I could tell this stories to global audiences as opposed to limited to Korea. So I am looking for a English speaking foreigner who lives in Korea and enjoys any Leica gear (or more preferrably Leica M).

Check this video out.

Here’s my plan.

Meet somewhere like Hannamdong (한남동) where lots of interesting people gather, and let’s take a walk for an hour or so. Shoot whatever subjects you like, then have a cup of coffee at a cafe.

Then, let me interview you for 10 mintues or so to create a content like the above video.

Let’s have some fun! Feel free to reach me via email (allan@thelife.marketing) or instagram DM ( https://www.instagram.com/aklifephotos/ )

Look forward to hearing from any one of you soon!

From Allan Kim

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